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Blended Learning Readiness helps you to solve common problems in Blended Learning by a pattern design based wiki.

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The BLR Wiki

The Blended Learning Readiness Reference Model a useful framework for decision makers to determine to what extent an institution is ready for learning with new learning technologies and collaborative methods. It supports institutions and organisations in identifying the success factors for the implementation of blended learning, taking into account organisational, technical, methodical and psychological aspects. The Reference model was developed based on the theoretical and practical knowledge of the project partners as well as the contextualized knowledge and experience of associated Application Partners. It was further refined and evaluated on the basis of large-scale surveys in all three application areas (higher education, further education and business education). Each project partner collaborated with application partners who currently use blended learning solutions, to assess the effectiveness of strategies, tools and methods and to get detailed context information.

BLR Wiki

Initially it was planned to create a published handbook and a tool to assess Blended Learning Readiness. But during the project it became apparent that a handbook is to static for such a changing area like Blended Learning since it would be difficult to accommodate new trends, tools, challenges and solutions. Furthermore, we found that many Blended Learning stakeholders have concrete challenges to solve while others have found a number of solutions. In the interest of usability and sustainability, a wiki-based website was created to describe recurring challenges and solutions (from our interviews) in a “pattern” format describing a problem, context factors, constraints and possible solutions found in different areas of application. The BLR wiki thus has the advantage of bringing together the BL Readiness model for the different institutions and levels, their respective challenges and solutions, including the contribution of users from different areas.

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